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"One of the scene’s more prolific bands, it's quality over quantity though and always incredible how they transfer their catchy melodies, tin-whistle ear-worms and energetic live performances into the recording studio."

- London Celtic Punks -

The Story So Far...

The Cloverhearts are one of the newest, and fastest growing bands in the Celtic Punk scene today. Fronted by Australian singer/songwriter, Sam Cooper, in just a matter of years the band has accumulated millions of streams online, whilst performing alongside genre giants such as The Mahones, Ferocious Dog, Booze & Glory and Mr. Irish Bastard, to name a few.


Having grown up on a strict diet of skate punk, the celtic scene might be new to frontman, Sam, but it may also be this teenage-like innocence to traditional Irish instrumentation that gives his songwriting a cutting edge, when sprinkled amongst the greats such as Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly in Spotify’s Official Celtic Punk Playlist. These blaring bagpipe-anthems and twisted tin-whistle ear worms resonate just as well with kickflippin’ street punks as they do with boozy Pogues fans.


Having also recently performed at Might Sounds (CZ), Rock im Ring (IT) and Panic Fest (FR), and fresh off a Japan Tour - The Cloverhearts show no sign of slowing down with 2025 and 2026 tour dates already in the can, everywhere from Bratislava to Glasgow. The band's sophomore release “Loving in Squalor” is slated for release in late 2024. 

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